Car Sales / Exporting

 1)Car Sales

We are mainly selling the cars for the people who live in Yokohama and Tokyo.  Our sales procedure is buying the car from the famous Japanese auction after deciding the car detail with the customer.

The benefit to buy from Auction is as follows;

  • We can know the car damage such as accident record, dents, scratches, etc. by checking the inspection report which was prepared by authorized car inspector.
  • The price of the car will be cheaper comparing with the used car dealers.

The reason is we don’t stock the cars in our yard and therefore the risk is a little and the expense of the car become small.

  • Most of the car dealers are coming to the auction to buy and sell their cars.   Therefore the source of the used cars are the same as the used car dealers in the city. 

We will make several discussion with customer and know what kinds of car the customer wants and how much will be the budget price of the car.

Once we know the above detail, we will find out the cars from the auction and inform the car detail with pictures and expected price which is estimated from the auction past sales record. This will be repeated with customer several times and once the specification and the budget price is decided, we will go to buy the actual car based on this customer’s request within the budget price.


We are doing this business during these 30 years in Yokohama and have lots of trust in this area.  Further we will do the maintenance/ inspection, syaken, insurance, repair etc. after selling the cars to the customer.

 2)Car Buying

When the customer wants to sell the car, we can assist anytime.

We will sell the customer’s car at auction after reaching the customer’s

expected price.  After getting the fund from the auction, we will pay cash  or transfer the fund through the banker.  The selling expense such as auction fee, handling charge, etc. will be deducted. 

 3)Car Exporting to your country


When your assingment is finished in Japan, and If you can bring your Car and Motorcycle to your country, We can arrange to export your car and Motorcycle from Japan to your country.

Especially we can organize the following country by Door to Door.


 United States [USA]

 United Kingdom[UK]





 Ireland  * Door to Port with import customs clearance

   Any other country *Door to Port 


We will use RORO boat which is used as New car carrier.

The motorcycle will be packed by case box, and shipped out by LCL container.

For further clarification, pls do not hesitate to cotact us.