Shaken (車検)


Shaken / Name Change / Maintenance / Regular Inspection / Repair / Insurance / JAF


In Japan, there is a regulation to get the Syaken which is public inspection for every two years.  All the cars have to pass the syaken inspection.   We are proceeding Syaken service and renew it with reasonable cost.

 2)Name Change

If the car is sold to the other people, the name of the owner has to be changed on Syaken paper. We will proceed on behalf of the car owner. 


The cars need to do the maintenance such as oil change/ element change

brake pads replace,etc.

 4)Regular Inspection

12 months inspection is needed for all the vehicles which is public request

from the government.  The car has to receive this inspection once a year. The sticker is attached on left top side of front glass and the expiring month/ year is indicated.  If this is expired, we can renew this inspection.


During daily driving, there are some unexpected mistake and make damage on the car body.   We will repair all these damage repair/painting

Etc.   If you have problem, please contact us.


We are vehicle insurance agent.   In Japan, there are two step insurance system, these are Mandatory insurance and Optional insurance.

For mandatory insurance, this is the mandatory request to get the syaken.

Therefore every two years, this insurance will be renewed.  This insurance covers only for the personal accident and the limitation of the payment.  Optional insurance is also needed.  This will cover personal and physical accident.   Please ask us for the detail.


We are also JAF agent.  This is very convenient service, in case the tire

was flat on the highway, the battery has gone during your holiday, then 

you can call JAF anywhere in Japan.  This is very convenient service and cheap.